Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life as normal (as it's going to get)

Life is starting to feel normal here in Almaty. All our stuff has arrived and we are finished unpacking. Got some more organizing and putting-away to do but we've made real progress. Olivia says now it finally feels like we really live here. Activities are well underway with Sat soccer, Sun rugby, twice a month Girl Scouts, ice skating and soon hockey and dance class. I've been trying to keep up the exercise to stay busy but have also added JV (0-1) and Varsity (2-0) girls soccer coach, Sat soccer coach, library volunteer (with a possible part-time job available) and Russian lessons. And Frank of course is working hard. So, everything feel like status quo until you go to the grocery store and you see this wrapped in cellophane in the meat section.....

It could be ours, teeth, eyeballs and all, for just over $6! And the eyeballs are a delicacy and only presented to the guest of honor. Remind me never to sit at the head of the table at a party here.

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