Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Marcy!!!

Marcy turns 8 years old tomorrow. Hard to believe the last baby was born that long ago! We celebrated a day early since today was Sunday. Marcy had a birthday party to attend this morning for a friend from school so this afternoon we went to the mall to go bowling. Unfortunately the bowling alley is no longer there so we ended up at Babylon, the Kazakh version of Chuck E Cheese. It was surprisingly more entertaining for the girls than we thought it would be.

When we got home we grilled out for dinner and I made a cake which Marcy and Emily and I decorated. Here is the result of our efforts:

You have to take a REALLY big breath when you are getting ready to blow out 8 candles:

I remembered to put the Happy Birthday plate in the air shipment so Marcy did not feel left out on her birthday (but I did forget a can opener which I'm finding quite inconvenient and a spatula which meant Frank flipped burgers with a large spoon and a knife):

Here's the gang with Marcy and her presents. I also forgot wrapping paper but I found one roll of green foil wrap and some gift bags. Thank goodness I went birthday shopping before we left Dallas because there is not much here and what there is is expensive (a Barbie Doll costs about $20.)

We got some surprise visitors via Skype to join in on the opening of gifts. Wowa and Mimi got to watch Marcy enjoy all her presents:

The big birthday present was Molly, the American Girl doll. Marcy acted very surprised but I'm pretty darn sure she saw it in the suitcase when I was packing up in Dallas.

Marcy gets to celebrate her birthday at school tomorrow. One of her classmates even shares the same birthday as her. So, I'm bringing Rice Krispie treats (all ingredients except the butter imported) and the other mom is bringing cupcakes - sugar overload! Some day we'll be able to have a real birthday party with friends and party games, etc. Marcy has only had one when she turned 5 and that was combined with a going away party. Poor Marcy!

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Carla said...

Happy Birthday Marcy!!

From your birthday twin! (My birthday is tomorrow too!!!)

We miss you guys! Hope you are having many great adventures!