Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fun in New Orleans

Our Caribbean cruise last week left from New Orleans so we drove in early to give us one full day in the city.  We had the bonus of being able to meet up with the Kuuskraas and Magness's, friends from Almaty who "summer" in the NO area.

Fun at the New Orleans Zoo

Petting an alligator

In a tree

In a tube

In a net

At the spray park
(Dallas Zoo needs one of these!)

Good Food!

Long line for Sno-Balls but worth it
(I recommend Limeade!)

At the New Orleans Zephyrs game

Mmmm...Pulled Nutria!?!
(How could they eat that?)

Emily wins a free pizza for being loud - no contest!

Ryan catches a free t-shirt
(notice the mascot - a nutria)

Marcy catches a ball from a player

It was a long busy day but everyone had fun.  Emily and Marcy and I got to see our friends, Madeline and Olivia and friends got to hang out at the French Quarter with Frank and Chris, Frank and Chris got to avoid a visit to the zoo, we ate too much, we got free stuff at the game including a LSU head baseball coach bobblehead, Sarah got a visit to Franky & Johnny's, and we were all tired out and ready to get on the cruise to relax.

Mary Emma's Got Talent!

Olivia's friend Mary Emma came over one night and brought her "nail stuff" to do Olivia's nails.  This was no simple painting job - it's practically a work of art!

Pony Up!!

(Pony Up - the SMU Mustangs rally cry)

Emily ventured WAY beyond her comfort zone this summer and attended SMU girls overnight soccer camp.  This is the same girl who could hardly make it all night at her cousins' house last summer.  A passion for soccer will inspire her to try anything.  She spent 4 nights with 5 of her new teammates, which was a perfect way for her to get to know a few of them better.  And because it was at SMU we were able to stop by in the evenings to watch the scrimmages.  She says she's ready to step up in the world next summer and attend Notre Dame camp!  (We'll have to attend some SMU matches this year as my senior year coach at ND is now women's coach at SMU.)

With roommate Lauren

Her group for the week

with "Coach Homer"

Future SMU fan

The girls from Solar Chelsea '00

Friday, July 13, 2012


Today was Cow Appreciation Day at Chik-Fil-A!  If you came to the store dressed as a cow you got free food.  I told Marcy she could do something fun today so we made a cow costume out of a white plastic garbage bag.  I pinned a bunch of stuffed cows to myself in the spirit of things.  Marcy got a free kids meal and an ice cream cone.  I got a Diet Coke (the DC addiction has taken full control again.)  After basketball camp I took Emily and she wore the same costume and got french fries and a shake.  Madeline and Austin went TWICE today - once for free lunch and just now for free milkshakes - but Austin chickened out about wearing his cow shirt and paid for his meal.  (Madeline's all about free stuff now that she's spending her own money!)  We missed the 7-11 free slurpees on 7/11 but made up for it in free food today.

How-to note:  If you make a cow costume out of a plastic bag and permanent markers and then let your daughter sit in your brand new car with beige-colored leather seats and then the ink bleeds into the leather leaving a big colored smear on the back of the seat, DON'T PANIC.  Get some sports spray formula sun screen, spray onto a dry white cloth, wipe thoroughly and then treat with leather conditioner.  Viola!  (And then thank God for the people who invented the internet so that obscure information like this can be found by panicking people like me.)

Braces - Phase II

Way back when in 4th grade or something Olivia had braces.  The orthodontist said she would eventually need them again.  And so the day finally came to put them back on.  She was not too excited and is still trying to get used to them.  She says her lips don't fit over them.  I told her her lips will stretch and then when she gets them off she'll have Chinook lips!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fun with friends!

Caught up with all kinds of friends in Calgary!

Happy 4th of July

As per tradition (according to the Mount and Schwarz children), we participated in the neighborhood parade with decorated scooter (next year we'll have bikes again!), attended the neighborhood picnic, had a hoola hoop contest, ate watermelon (but no contest this year), and had the Schwarz's over for swimming and BBQ (thanks Monica and Karl!)

Next year I can just write "Ditto" and be done with the 4th of July post.

More Canadian wildlife

I did lots of driving between Calgary and Radium/Kimberley, BC.  Thank goodness there is good scenery and lots of wildlife to keep the drive interesting.

Bear sighting #1
 Bear sighting #2
I had a third bear sighting but it was scampering from the road back up into the trees.  It must have been in the road because a truck was flashing its lights at me as I came around a curve.  Apparently the late spring thaw is sending lots of bears lower looking for food.

Mountain goats

What the heck is this?