Friday, July 13, 2012


Today was Cow Appreciation Day at Chik-Fil-A!  If you came to the store dressed as a cow you got free food.  I told Marcy she could do something fun today so we made a cow costume out of a white plastic garbage bag.  I pinned a bunch of stuffed cows to myself in the spirit of things.  Marcy got a free kids meal and an ice cream cone.  I got a Diet Coke (the DC addiction has taken full control again.)  After basketball camp I took Emily and she wore the same costume and got french fries and a shake.  Madeline and Austin went TWICE today - once for free lunch and just now for free milkshakes - but Austin chickened out about wearing his cow shirt and paid for his meal.  (Madeline's all about free stuff now that she's spending her own money!)  We missed the 7-11 free slurpees on 7/11 but made up for it in free food today.

How-to note:  If you make a cow costume out of a plastic bag and permanent markers and then let your daughter sit in your brand new car with beige-colored leather seats and then the ink bleeds into the leather leaving a big colored smear on the back of the seat, DON'T PANIC.  Get some sports spray formula sun screen, spray onto a dry white cloth, wipe thoroughly and then treat with leather conditioner.  Viola!  (And then thank God for the people who invented the internet so that obscure information like this can be found by panicking people like me.)

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