Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fun in New Orleans

Our Caribbean cruise last week left from New Orleans so we drove in early to give us one full day in the city.  We had the bonus of being able to meet up with the Kuuskraas and Magness's, friends from Almaty who "summer" in the NO area.

Fun at the New Orleans Zoo

Petting an alligator

In a tree

In a tube

In a net

At the spray park
(Dallas Zoo needs one of these!)

Good Food!

Long line for Sno-Balls but worth it
(I recommend Limeade!)

At the New Orleans Zephyrs game

Mmmm...Pulled Nutria!?!
(How could they eat that?)

Emily wins a free pizza for being loud - no contest!

Ryan catches a free t-shirt
(notice the mascot - a nutria)

Marcy catches a ball from a player

It was a long busy day but everyone had fun.  Emily and Marcy and I got to see our friends, Madeline and Olivia and friends got to hang out at the French Quarter with Frank and Chris, Frank and Chris got to avoid a visit to the zoo, we ate too much, we got free stuff at the game including a LSU head baseball coach bobblehead, Sarah got a visit to Franky & Johnny's, and we were all tired out and ready to get on the cruise to relax.

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