Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Part II

Today was the REAL birthday! I took rice krispie treats to school and Marcy's classmate Elizabeth brought cupcakes. Here are the two birthday girls:
And part of the class enjoying the snacks:

There are only 5 Americans in Marcy's class so those 5 were about the only ones who knew what a rice krispie treat was. It was funny to see them look at it and ask Marcy what it was. Many of them liked it but some I could see were not too fond of it. One boy in particular was pulling it apart and nibbling on it. He had it stuck all over his fingers and it clearly bothered him. Finally he came and told me he did not want it. Poor kid! Marcy's teacher asst (Kazakh) wanted to know how they are made - she liked it but had no idea what a marshmallow was and had never heard of Rice Krispie cereal. I'll have to buy her some ingredients and introduce her to an American classic!

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