Sunday, September 12, 2010

Best wishes from Kazakhstan

Happy Birthday Chris!!

We toasted Chris' 40th birthday with shots of Kazakhstan vodka that I brought back with me especially for the big event. Sarah pulled the bottle out of the freezer at a point in the party when Chris was in a particularly "happy" place. There were 3 matching shot glasses in the box so Chris, Sarah, and I filled them the up....
and drained them down (while Mimi posed with the bottle.)

We were all coughing and gagging and wheezing. Little did Chris know, Sarah and I were totally faking it since we had just done a shot of water while his was the real thing. Not sure when Chris will read this blog and learn the truth but just about everyone at the party was aware and were loving the fact that he was not. We did sip a bit of the vodka after just to taste it and it did burn going down. Not sure how Chris managed that big shot. Later the bottle made it back out of the freezer and guys were passing it around for a taste and they all thought it was good. But, I'm pretty sure all their senses were numb by then. It was a great party - well done Chris and Sarah!

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Sarah said...

I told him the truth this morning. He thought we faked it very well. He said your post shot coughing was believable.