Sunday, September 5, 2010

A big (little) purchase

Marcy requested grilling out for her birthday but we didn't have a grill. So, I went to the supermarket (called Ramstore but Russian spelling - Pamctop) and found a grill for about $25. It's awfully small but it did the job and Frank was master of the grill!
Frank wanted me to get a picture of the charcoal bricks they sell here. They are "pre-fueled" so you just have to light them. And apparently they are only sold "in season" so we have to stock up now (even though they use coal here all winter, charcoal for the grill is only sold in the summer.) The chicken we had tasted slightly like lighter fluid so maybe we'll have to use less bricks on the grill next time. This is about $10 worth of charcoal!

At least now we have something to cook on should we feel the need to cook out. I think we have at least another month or so when we can still cook out and eat outside. A good investment!

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