Monday, September 13, 2010

How to smuggle a turkey (aka Thanksgiving dinner to go)

Ever since we started living overseas I've broken all kinds of "I will never..." rules - I will never live apart from my husband for an extended period of time; I will never live in one country while my husband works in another; I will never have a live-in helper who does all the cooking in addition to cleaning; I will never send my child to boarding school - all broken. Last fall I met a Calgarian woman who was living in Almaty. She routinely brought frozen meat back with her in her luggage. I thought - how desperate is that? I will never carry frozen meat in my luggage. Once again an "I will never..." rule broken.

When I was out shopping for supplies to pack in the luggage I purchased can green beans, french-fried onions, cream of mushroom soup, stuffing mix, gravy packets (because I can't make gravy), etc - all the fixings for Thanksgiving dinner that we can't buy in Almaty. But what's Thanksgiving without turkey? So, when I saw that Target had turkey breasts on sale I succumbed once again to an "I will never..." Here's what I have with me for my flight to Almaty:

That's a 6 lb frozen solid turkey breast packed in a soft-sided lunch cooler (I have a frozen ice pack that goes on top.) I had intended it to be in my checked luggage but I packed for business class weight limits and forgot it is less in economy. So, the frozen turkey was a logical thing to move to my carry on. Nobody questioned me going through security about what was packed in there. I keep waiting for someone to track me down and arrest me for transporting frozen turkey over international borders. I only hope that it's frozen solid enough to make it 24 hours to Almaty and back into the freezer until we can enjoy it on Thanksgiving day!


Sarah said...

It reminds me of flying with no shoes. I was sure that someone would kick me off the plane because I was barefoot.

Carla said...

Ok, that is HILARIOUS!!!
Good luck!! Hope you don't end up in jail because of a turkey!