Sunday, September 26, 2010

Girl Scouts Almaty

We had our first GS meeting last weekend. Marcy is in Brownie Troop #1 and Emily is in Junior Troop #2 (since we are the only Girl Scouts in Kazakhstan, I think.) There are 10 Brownies and 10 Juniors which is a great small number and easy to handle. Once again, I may be sick of GS but it is a great activity that we can do anywhere. Among all the girls we have now been Daisies in Manila and Singapore, Bluebirds in Thailand, Brownies in Dallas, Singapore, Calgary and Almaty, Sparks in Calgary, Guides in Calgary, Juniors in Dallas and Almaty, and Cadettes in Dallas. That's alot of Scouting!

Here are Emily and Marcy in their new uniforms.
And the Junior group which I lead for the first meeting:

I think the girls will have fun and what's great is that there are about 3-4 sister combinations in the two troops - built-in friends for Emily and Marcy!

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