Saturday, September 11, 2010

The newest Cowboys cheerleader

Madeline's competitive cheer team got the chance to cheer at halftime of a Cowboys pre-season game. It was a very cool opportunity to perform in the big stadium in front of a huge crowd. Mary and Mark used the free tickets that Madeline got and took her to the game and got some photos for me. Wish we could have been there. Here she is in front of the big screen. Mary said it really is hard to watch the real action on the field when you can just watch the closeup on the screen.

Her team was one of four that were chosen to perform. Here they are coming out onto the field (Pride is on the lower half of the picture):
Madeline's stunt group is in the lower corner holding the D sign. She's the base on the left side. Usually she is a flyer but on this team, surprisingly, she is one of the "big" girls.

And here she is posing outside the stadium after the game. She was so excited that she landed her standing back tuck. She had so much adrenaline that she said she went higher than she ever has, even on a spring floor.

Thankfully, Madeline doesn't think that Cowboys cheerleaders are REAL cheeleaders but a dance team. So she does not aspire to one day don one of those skimpy outfits (although these shorts are not too far from the real thing!)

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