Saturday, September 11, 2010

St Mark's Cheerleading

Unfortunately, Madeline's half-time performance was not a premonition of the final score of St Mark's home opener. (She's the M and the I in case you can't tell.) They lost to Fort Worth Country Day 42-26. But, the cheerleaders did an outstanding job. Madeline's hands were bruised and swollen after the game from all the tumbling on the track but I think she had a good time. It's been a long time since I attended a HS football game. I forgot how much fun it is for kids. Madeline had lots of fans - Susan Lynch and a couple of her kids and friends came, Amy Erschen was there, Mimi was along and Pop-Pop attended and even wore the Madeline cheer button. Here are Pop-Pop and Madeline before the game:

Here she is cheering on the sidelines. She had alot of learning to do for football cheerleading. She's been doing only competitive cheer for the last 2 years and this is alot different. She had to remember how to do the chants and such from her St. Monica days.

Hopefully the football team will be more successful in future games but apparently they aren't really very good. Maybe one of these games those signs will be true.

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Anonymous said...

You can see images of the JV girls from the game in Ft. Worth here:

I will take some varsity ones if I end up a a varsity game (my son is a senior and we are hosting an exchange student who plays on JV)

You can reach me on Facebook (John C Gannon) or if anyone needs better quality images.