Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I don't mean to brag but....

I volunteered at the school to be the girls soccer coach. I intended to just coach the JV team with the underlying motive being that I would be able to let Emily play on the team even though she is not old enough. Turns out they handed over the reigns of the girls program to me without any hesitation. The teacher sponsor came to two practices and quickly realized she could use the time elsewhere. So, I coached the JV and Varsity girls. The season ends on Friday with a friendly soccer fest with some other area school. Unfortunately, the JV team lost every game and never scored a goal. On the upside, the Varisty girls had their first undefeated season, were scored on only 4 times, and were the league champions!

My ulterior motive of letting Emily play did not quite work out. I managed to come up with an excuse for her to play in one JV game but later was told in a round-about way to not do that again. The athletic director was also told not to let me do that again. There are strict rules that you must be 12-14 to play. Regardless, Emily at 10 outplayed all the other players on both teams to the point that the Kazakh referee who speaks no English came to shake her hand after the game. She's a big fish in a small pond here but still one heck of a great soccer player. (Like I said, don't mean to brag but...)

Here she is before the game. She got the only uniform that was left which was an extra large. she wore shorts under her shorts just in case they fell off!!

#28 ready to play the ball in!

Emily and Coach Mom

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