Saturday, October 23, 2010

Some Italian firsts

We arrived in Rome today and did just a little exploring and eating. We decided to count how many times everyone has something on this trip - Olivia pasta, Emily gelato, Marcy chicken strips (because she eats them no matter what country we are in), Frank beer, and me Tylenol (because I arrived with a headache and am sure to have plenty more- sad!)

Here's Olivia after her first plate of pasta. I can't believe she ate the WHOLE thing!

And here's everyone with their first gelato. Emily tried "After-8" mint and vanilla for the first one. I guess we'll have to see how many flavors she tries as well.

We are heading off to mass in Italian in just a little while at the San Clemente Basilica around the corner. Marcy is most excited!

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