Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

We will miss Halloween by the time we get back to Almaty so I promised the kids we would trick-or-treat in Rome. So, we set up a little door to door Halloween in the apartment. All the kids came up with their own costumes: Emily was Courtnie, Courtnie was Emily, Marcy was a leprecaun, Olivia was a janitor, and Tyler was a dog (or maybe a goat?) Each of the adults took a bowl of candy and a room. Frank dressed as a crazy hockey player and scared the kids on the balcony, I wore a creepy mask that Cori and I bought at a costume shop, Cori wore her cat mask and made the kids touch her (cold fettucine) brains, and Chris built a maze out of cushions and sheets and made the kids crawl through it. Not the traditional Halloween and minimal candy haul but I think they had fun!

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