Saturday, October 23, 2010

Soccer dance

AIS hosted Soccer Fest weekend recently to wrap up the season. The boys teams competed in a playoff tournament while the girls competed in some friendly matches since a playoff was not required for their league. Other International and local schools from Almaty participated in addition to AIS-Astana who came in town just to participate. To add a little social aspect the school hosted a dance for middle and high school students. Olivia went with a couple of her friends who spent the night at our house. They came over before the dance and dressed Olivia up. She looked really nice and grown-up (despite the obvious height difference.) They had a great time but said the strobe lights made them dizzy!

The varsity girls played in an all-star game on Sat against the AIS-Astana boys. The team combined girls from AIS and girls from Tien Shen (another international school-our big soccer rival) and a couple of Tien Shan boys. The girls won 4-1! Here's a photo of all three teams (AIS-Almaty in blue, Tien Shen in black and green, and AIS-Astana in red.)

It was fun to coach the girls and I look forward to it again in the spring. (And maybe I can sneak Emily on the field again.)

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