Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ice Princess

Marcy wanted to continue ice skating lessons that she began last year while we were in Calgary. With help from our driver we managed to find an English speaker coach at the Mega-Mall here in Almaty. She gets private lessons twice a week (for only about $15/half hour!) and they have made a dramatic improvement in her skating. As a bonus for her teacher, we have since sent 2 other girls to her for some skating lessons in English.

Here is Marcy practicing some of her moves. She definitely has much more style and grace on the ice than she did last year.

What we are sure has really added to her new skills is her new outfit. She has been begging for a skating outfit which I find so funny as I would never have been caught dead in something like this when I was a kid. But, we went to the local market and found a skirted leotard and some tights and she was so proud and excited to go out on the ice! She wants something with a little more bling for Christmas but until then here she is in ice princess mode (working on her spins.)

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