Friday, October 29, 2010

Good Eats!!

We have certainly done plenty of eating while we are here in Rome. The variety has not moved beyond Italian. We have had pizza, pasta, paninis and discovered these incredible fried rice balls called suppli. Wow! Here are some of the best of the food photos.

Lunch on the Spanish Steps

Really good mushroom pizza (from the only restaurant that we repeated.)

One night we decided to cook at home - a pasta meal, of course. We had fettucine, gnocchi, and tortellini with meat sauce and pesto. We also had a salami and cheese tray, foccacia bread and lots of grated parmesan. I thought Cori and I did a great job and it was one of the better meals of the week.

(Oops, my picture got turned sideways)

We ate LOTS of gelatto. At the end Chris and Frank wanted to try to estimate how much money was spent on gelatto but I told them not to. The number would be too high and ruin the memory of all that tast gelatto. It kept the kids happy and motivated to keep moving!

This was the gelatto store around the corner from our place. The owner got used to seeing us everyday. I think he will miss us!

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MKH said...

If I ever go back to Rome, the one think I want to do is eat more! Your meal looks great!