Saturday, July 31, 2010

A little break

While Frank was in town he had to attend a training class in DC so I went along for a nice little break. I said I was just going to lounge around and sleep and read, but of course I didn't actually do that. I did get plenty of sleep but I also got out to see some things.

On Wed after we arrived we had some awesome, awful-for-you food from a little shack on the water called Jimmy's Grill. I had a shrimp taco and a fish taco and Frank had steak and cheese. I just found the place online and it turned out they didn't even have seating but it was a tasty lunch in the hotel room. And they passed out free samples of strawberry cake.

In the evening we went to the Nationals baseball game. We sat on the 1st row next to the field on the first baseline. Great seats! Here's our view:

Frank caught not one but TWO foul balls. Both went up behind us but bounced down into a tunnel area for the field crew that was right behind us. All he had to do was jump, run and catch. He kept one ball and threw the other in the crowd behind us. I caught a t-shirt.

On Thurs Frank went to his seminar and I slept in a bit, went and got a pass for the Holocaust museum, ate lunch with Frank and then toured the museum at my own pace. That was nice - I read every sign and took as much time as I wanted. I was there a long time. Learned alot. Thurs might we went to the National Archives and after running through the rain found a place to eat while we waited out the showers.

On Fri I had planned on biking to Mount Vernon but it was a long ride from DC and my plan to take the train to Alexandria and bike from there didn't work because the rental shops didn't open until 10am. So, I just took the train to Alexandria and wandered around there touring homes, taverns, churches and a very old apothecary for a few hours.

It was very nice to get away for a short trip. The next few weeks will be crazy so I hope I stored up enough energy and positive attitude to make it through!

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Carla said...

Hey - I was just in DC too!! Too funny! I was there for 5 days in July for a scrapbooking convention :-), it was my first time there - so I did a bunch of sightseeing too!!
Still have a list of things that I didn't get to (the Holocaust musueum being the first) that I need to go back & see one day!!

Hope you are having a great summer!