Thursday, July 22, 2010

Soccer Camp

Emily's friend Beth from Calgary came for a visit and they went to soccer camp together. I had planned on them attending a full day camp (one that we had never tried before) but it got cancelled less than a week before it was due to start. That will teach me to try something new. All the girls have attended Bobby Moffat soccer camps for years (Madeline started at age 6.) I should have just stuck with what I knew worked. So, I called Bobby in a panic and set them up for an indoor camp in the morning and an outdoor camp in the evening. This actually worked out great because it gave us the afternoon everyday to do something fun (like swim, go to the movies, go to a water park, eat ice cream, etc.) I will never go to anyone but Bobby Moffat again!!
Beth and Emily looking like soccer twins!

Emily with Bobby Moffat after winning MVP at the morning camp

Emily, Beth and Coach Jimmy at the indoor camp

Beth, Emily and Coach David at the outdoor camp

Marcy and Leah Schwarz also attended the morning indoor camp. They had a good time and one camp a day was plenty for them. I think they both learned alot even if they thought it was boring sometimes. Leah even won Personality of the Week (which Beth also won at the outdoor camp in the evening.)

Marcy and Leah with Coach Patrick

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