Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blast from the past #3

I know I'm supposed to be catching up on summer events but Olivia pointed out that her friend Jaydene did not receive enough face time on the blog. So, I thought a little winter event that Jaydene participated in would be a nice break from the summer heat.
Back in January I took Olivia, Jaydene, Marcy and Emily to Norquay to go tubing. This was a new activity this winter at Norquay. We didn't get much chance to ski this past winter because of weekends filled with soccer, basketball, skating, etc but I thought we could squeeze in tubing in the afternoon (and it required much less schlepping around of equipment.) The Agnews and Boumas met us there so we had friends for all!
Here are some of the girls on the tow rope to the top. You could also walk to the top which we tried once but that was quite a hike and it was better to wait in line!
This is Olivia and Jaydene coming down the chute. It was a pretty long run as you can see!

Here are Olivia and Jaydene and Marcy and Emily waiting in line for the tow rope. We were there for about 2 hours and probably got in about 7-8 runs. The lines were pretty long at the bottom and the top.

Emily B, Emily and Reise at the bottom of the hill!

Laura and Marcy goofing off in their tubes:

After all the tubing fun we stopped in Banff at the Old Spaghetti Factory before we headed back to Calgary. We were an overwhelming crew to serve!

We never made it back to go tubing again. We thought about going again at spring break but skiied at Lake Louise instead. It really was fun. Maybe we'll stop on our way to Kimberley at Christmas time.

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