Friday, July 9, 2010

Say yes to the dress!

My sister Mary is getting married in Sept 2011. She has been talking about wearing my mother's wedding dress. So, tonight when she came by to visit we found the dress and she tried it on. I just couldn't resist pulling my dress out of its preservation box and trying it on as well. I had to REALLY suck it in and I couldn't breathe after BUT I got it zipped up. Everyone got in on the dress up show and all the girls tried my dress on. Emily is now determined to wear it, puffy sleeves and all. Here are the two blushing brides:

My dress went back into the preservation box (I guess to wait for Emily's big day if she doesn't change her mind) but Mary is going to see what she can do about cleaning the lace on Mom's dress and maybe changing the sleeve style. It's got potential. Of course, Madeline still wants the chance to go dress shopping with Aunt Mimi!!

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