Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hula Hoop

For some reason all the Mount girls are pretty good at the hula hoop. I'm pretty sure they don't get it from Frank but I'm not great at it either. Give them a hula hoop contest and they are in (except Madeline who can hula hoop with the rest of them but has definitely out-grown the hula hoop contest!) Olivia even did hula hoop for 1/2 hour at a time during the school year to fulfill her "daily physical activity" requirement. Yesterday I took Olivia, Marcy, Emily and Beth (her friend visiting from Calgary) to Hawaiian Falls water park. They had a hula hoop contest. After 7 rounds Olivia, Emily, and Marcy were all in the finals (poor Beth - she tried over and over!) Of the final 7, Marcy won!! She had to hula hoop while standing on one foot, clapping, turning in circles, etc. She won a free shaved ice which made everyone happy since I bought one for the others as well.

I didn't have my camera yesterday but here's a photo from the July 4th hula hoop contest. Our real competition is those Schwarz girls - but that's to be expected the way our families work!

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