Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sol soccer

I've had many soccer posts but you'd never know that Marcy plays as well and that I'm the coach! It's hard to take photos and coach at the same time so Marcy missed out all season. But, we got some photos after the last game at the team party. Marcy and the coach:

All but one of the girls on the team played on the indoor team in the fall/winter (and the new girl is a sibling of Emily's team mate) so everyone played really well together. We played in a league with 3 boys teams and 3 girls teams. It was a tough season because we lost to the boys every time but we played in close matches with two of them. Wish we could have beat them just once but the girls got two medals because "they were the best girls team in the whole league!!!"

By the way, the team name was Sol - assigned to us by Calgary West Soccer Club. This was my 4th season to coach and we had a different name every season including Roma, Lynx, Impact and Sol. Much different than the Ladybugs from Dallas!

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