Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Big Move

The move to Kazakhstan is definitely looming large. We have about 5 weeks before we head off to Almaty. This has definitely been the most complicated move so far. We have possessions traveling by sea to Almaty from both Calgary and Dallas. Due to weight restrictions to Almaty we also have items which have arrived back in Dallas from Calgary. Some of that goes to storage and some comes to the house but right now it's all being held at a warehouse. Some of our stuff from Calgary has arrived by air in Almaty but since the house is still not ready it's also being held. I sure hope that shipment doesn't get raided as it's got all the stuff we need to live on until the sea shipments arrive sometime in Sept/Oct. At least the packing portion is complete (although we have many suitcases to fill in 5 weeks time.) Here's a last look at our Calgary home on the last day of packing. We will certainly miss Tuscany!
The other portion of our big move was the big drive. Madeline and I made the 32 hours and nearly 2000 miles of driving in 2 days. Oklahoma was the worst - so close, yet so far away and soooooo much construction! Madeline helped out with the driving both days but I think she quickly learned how boring highway driving can be. Here she is at the wheel:

She'll be taking her driving test next week. Wish her luck!!!

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