Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another day at the ball park

We always enjoy attending the Rangers baseball games so while we had friends in town from Calgary and the Thompsons in from Houston I thought it would be great to head out to the ball park on a Sunday afternoon. Maybe not such a good decision!! 22 people sweated it out for 5 1/2 innings and then we just couldn't take it anymore. We spent most of the time standing in the small patch of shade up against the wall behind our seats or running to the bathroom to wet our free Vlad Guerrero shirts to use as heat stroke prevention. Everyone headed back to our house where some went for a swim to cool down and some enjoyed the A/C and the recorded final of the World Cup. Still a fun day but I'll think twice before buying tickets to a day game again!
Here are some photos of some of the 22 people in attendance:
Marcy and Molly

Marcy and Brian

Beth (from Calgary), Anna (looking good in the head cover) and Emily

John, Marcy (least affected by the heat, she was all over the place) and Mickey

Madeline, Mary and Mark

Olivia and Jack (Beth's brother who was quite the entertainer for Olivia and Marcy during his brief stay!!)

PS The last time I organized a group to go out to the ball park was the Calgary Vipers game at the end of May that got snowed out. The weather jinx continues to haunt me!!

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