Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ballet Recital

Olivia has been taking ballet this year in addition to Irish dance. She wanted to try it again since she hasn't taken it since grade 2. After we found out we were moving this turned out to be a good idea since she'll be able to continue ballet but not necessarily Irish dance (we're still holding out hope that we'll find someone in Almaty who can help her keep up the Irish dance.) She had her recital last weekend. Unfortunately they did not get to come out in their costumes and no photography was allowed but here she is after with make up and slicked-back ballerina hair:

After Irish dancing for so many years Olivia had a hard time getting back into ballet. The feet gave her no trouble but adding in the arms was very awkward. I thought she did a great job (and I'll post the video when it arrives.) What's funny is that one of Madeline's friends was at the recital and asked Madeline later if Olivia did Irish dance. She is a former Irish dancer herself and said she could totally see the Irish dance in her posture, etc. I couldn't tell myself but thought that was interesting. She's an Irish dancer to the core!

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