Saturday, July 3, 2010

Year End

The school year in Calgary is especially long, going all the way through to the end of June. But, it did finally come to an end. Marcy's class put on some "fractured" fairy tale plays. She was a sports announcer in "The Cheetah and the Sloth." I nearly missed it as I was busy with the packing but got there just as it started:

After the plays there was a class party with lots of food and running around. Marcy's teacher, Miss Simpson, really did a good job keeping the kids busy up to the last day which is appreciated. I hate it when the last two weeks are all movies and recess. Here is Marcy with Miss Simpson:

Emily also has some end of year activities (although her last two weeks were definitely NOT academic.) They spent one day in Canmore drawing and painting the mountains which apparently had some connection to a book they read. Emily's teacher, Mr Sprau, has really taught the kids some good art techniques this year so her painting turned out well. Maybe we'll frame it. Here are Emily, Beth, and Mr Sprau:

Webber also has a formal year end ceremony and each 4th grader received a certificate. It was a long ceremony and the picture below was the extent of the excitement for us!

I missed the actual last day of school for Emily but apparently it was quite sad. I feel awfully bad about taking the kids away from Calgary. But, hopefully in a couple months we'll be all settled in Almaty and feeling okay about the big move.

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