Friday, August 26, 2011

Teeth and Feathers

No, this blog is not about an encounter with an alien bird.  It's about Emily.  This past spring Emily's permanent teeth started growing in over the top of her baby teeth.  Emily is not one who likes to have her teeth pulled out.  If they are loose she just lets them gradually get loose enough to basically fall out of her mouth by themselves.  In this case she did nothing (and would let me do nothing) to help those baby teeth along until they finally got wedged into place.  When we went to the dentist in July he gave her until this week to get them out on her own.  If they weren't out before we left, they would have to be pulled.  Needless to say, she did not get them out.

Emily is also my child who has a thing about the dentist and about needles.  She doesn't even like to get her teeth cleaned and freaked out about getting a TB test this week because it involved a needle (she gets this from her Dad!)  I was not looking forward to what this extraction was going to entail.  When the hygenist got her in the chair I noticed she had a feather in her hair and I struck on a great idea.  Emily has been begging me all summer for a feather.  I said NO WAY!  But, I told her as she sat there waiting that if she cooperated, did what the dentist asked, and didn't put up a fight I would let her have the feather.  And IT WORKED!  She cried a bit as they put in the novacaine shots but she didn't close her mouth or wiggle around or kick her feet or try to use her hands to stop the inevitable.  And last night after she gummed down her dinner she got a feather.

Emily with FIVE teeth in her little tooth box

Emily with the all-powerful green feather
It went so much better than I could have ever hoped.  I will have to remember to keep some special requests reserved for special occasions in the future.

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