Monday, September 12, 2011

Opportunistic Post

Just took a chance to see if Blogger would come up on my work computer and it did!!!  So, thought I should post while I have the chance.  I have no pictures with me but something is better than nothing.

We are settled back into school (and work at school) in Almaty.  Activities are starting up again with soccer and dance and rugby.  Frank is traveling alot this fall but we'll benefit from the suitcases full of more things from home that he will bring.  I did not do such a good job shopping and packing while I was home.  I just couldn't get myself motivated and now that we are here I regret not doing a better job.  It was hard to leave Dallas this time.

While I haven't even finished posting about our travels this summer, there will be more to come as we have already booked a week-long trip to Israel with a stop in Kiev in October.  I'm sure that trip will come up quickly and then it will be Christmas before we know it.

I'll bring my pictures tomorrow and maybe get a post in about Marcy's birthday before they take down Blogger again!

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