Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fun with the Guilfoyles

Our trip to Ohio not only gave us a chance to visit with all kinds of family but we also got to see our good friends from Singapore - the Guilfoyles.  We haven't seen them since we moved from Singapore more than 5 years ago.  But, lucky for us they moved to Cleveland a couple years ago.  We met up for the day and spent some time at the Lake Erie beach at Cedar Point.  So good to renew an old friendship.  I dug through old photos for this post as well.  So fun to see some "then" and "now".

Marcy and Emilia


Emily and Ellie


Olivia and Maggie


While all these girls match up so well, we each have a 4th child that is just as important as the others.  Madeline was in 5th-6th grade when we lived in Singapore and already didn't want to hang around with us and JJ was not born and newborn.  (In fact, JJ may be the reason we became friends because poor nauseated Stephanie was always catching a ride home with me instead of walking home from preschool drop off!) 
Madeline and JJ
NOW only
It was great to catch up and to see all the kids enjoy each other as if it hadn't been 5 years since they've seen each other.

Hopefully it won't be five more years before we see them again!  Thanks for coming to visit, Guilfoyles!

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Stephanie Guilfoyle said...

We do hit all the hot spots together - Singapore, Bintan, Phuket AND SANDUSKY!