Thursday, August 25, 2011

Take me out to the ball game!

Sarah and Chris generously offered us their baseball tickets last night, and on Sarah's overly busy 40th birthday!  The girls and I headed out for a last bit of Americana before heading back to Almaty.  Even Madeline got to go (after I, her mother, called to get special permission to take her, my daughter, out of the dorm for the evening.  Sometimes they are a bit over-the-top with the rules.)

We knew it would be hot.  We were on day 58 of 100+ temperature days this summer.  Luckily the seats were in the shade and they gave away Ranger Fan fans.  Olivia had her own way to cool off:

Here's the temp as the game started
(105 if you can't read it)
And then all of a sudden this weird wind blew through

The temp dropped 14 degrees in 15 minutes
It's sad when you feel great relief to be sitting outside in 91 degree weather but it did feel nice.  By the time we left the game it was a cool 84 degrees.  Some parts of Dallas actually got rain!

Sadly, the weather seems to have had an adverse effect on the Rangers game.  They fell apart in the first inning just as that wind blew through.  They never recovered and lost 13-2 to the Red Sox.  And there were way too many Red Sox fans at the Ballpark!  We left after the 7th inning to get some Braums ice cream - a cool treat to end the night.

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