Monday, August 22, 2011

Cheer Maddie Cheer!

I have lucked into making it to several of Madeline's school events by being in Dallas through the end of Aug.  Today Madeline had her first day of school, I went to the Senior parent lunch to hear all about the events for the year, had a meeting with Madeline and the college counselor, and tonight I'll get to attend the parent open house where we meet the teachers.  On Friday night St Marks had a scrimmage and the cheerleaders got to participate as well.  So, I got a chance to see her cheer also!

She goes up....

She comes down....

We had a whole cheering section there for her: me, Olivia and friend, Avery, Emily and Anna, Marcy, and Austin.  We wore Maddie cheer buttons (including old ones from 8th grade!), Emily brought a bubuzela (or is it a vuvuzela?), and the girls chanted "Let's go Maddie".  She was a bit horrified (especially by the 8th grade buttons)!

Part of the Maddie Mount fan club
The game was truly a scrimmage with coaches on the field and the teams running plays under different scenarios so we were definitely there just to watch the cheerleaders.

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