Friday, August 5, 2011

Catching up with the Yehs

The Yehs are friends of ours from way back in the Ms Liane days (Madeline's daycare.)  Even though we moved (for the first time) when Madeline was just 3 years old, we have kept in touch over the years.  The Yehs moved to Raleigh-Durham about 5-6 years ago and Madeline and I got a chance to visit them at the start of the college tour we took.  It was great to see old friends and in preparation for this post I dug through some old photos:

Maddie and Jackie at Ms Liane's
about 18 months

Maddie and Jackie heading off to GS camp
Age 10

Maddie and Jackie this summer
(age 17!!)

And the whole Yeh gang
(David, Michelle, Jackie, Andy, Victor, Carter)
Here's to many more years of friendship and maybe us all ending up back in Dallas someday!!

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yehfortx said...

So glad we had the opportunity to spend time and catch up with you and Maddie. Hard to believe our oldest are 17! They are so cute!!! Hope to see you more in the next 4 years. Nice blog; thanks for the pictures and nice memories our daughters shared.