Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cedar Point

After our Crum Cousin weekend in Indy we headed to Ohio to visit with Frank's family.  On the way we visited Purdue (where Madeline began our college visits with a campus tour) and Notre Dame (where Madeline endured the parent led tour with no intention of applying and Frank bought out most of the bookstore.)

We stayed on Lake Erie down the road from Cedar Point amusement park.  You would not believe the number and size of the roller coasters!  I skipped the park visit but Frank and his dad took the girls.  Madeline road 16 and Emily rode 17 and they didn't even do them all.  I think they are crazy.  Here are some photos from outside the park:

We also went to the beach at Cedar Point.  A lake beach is quite different than an ocean beach but the girls still had fun in the water because it was REALLY HOT!  I didn't think Ohio got that hot.

And who would have known that Cedar Point had a Notre Dame connection?  Turns out that Knute Rockne worked as a lifeguard on that very beach every summer, perfected the forward pass on the beach, met his wife there who was working on the hotel kitchen staff, and got married in the town of Sandusky near by.

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