Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to Emily!

No one will be left out of todays birthday posts!

Long, long ago in the early part of May we celebrated Emily's birthday.  She had a Silly Dinner birthday party.  The girls ordered their dinner by choosing numbered items for each course.  This means they got food and utensils all out of order.  First order of business is singing Happy Birthday and blowing out candles because you never know if someone will get dessert for the first course.

Then the complicated process of serving up exactly what each girl ordered for each course.  Frank and I coordinated the service and everything went smoothly for us.  Not always so smoothly for the girls.

What to do when you get food and no utensils?

What to do when you get utensils and no food?

Everyone seemed to have a good time.  I was a little short on activities.  The original plan was to play outside with sprinklers and water balloons, etc. but it rained all day and was about 50 degrees outside.  No back up plan!  They played games and when it stopped raining went to the park for awhile.  And of course opened presents.

We had only one tragedy.  I made caramel fudge brownies - a family favorite.  We were all excited about leftovers for the next night.  Then Frank put Chinook in the kitchen when parents started to arrive and he jumped on the counter and knocked the glass pan on the floor.  He can't be trusted!  And so we had to have another cake because you can't celebrate just once in our family.  Another Betty Crocker masterpiece decorated by Emily and Marcy:

PS No birthday for Frank.  I know he was out of town on the actual day.  Surely we celebrated when he got back but now I can't remember and I have no photo evidence. So someone was left out.  Maybe we'll just pretend that the above extra cake is his.

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