Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh Canada!

I think we probably didn't appreciate Canada enough while we were living here.  It was hard to get past snow in May, June, Aug, Sept, etc.  But, when the sun shines and the temperature goes up just a bit, it really is a beautiful place.  Here are some of the sights so far:

Moose spotted on the drive to Kimberley

Marysville Falls

Geocaching on the North Star Trail in Kimberley

Jumping off the high dive
at Fairmont Hot Springs

Horseback riding
(on Joker, Lola, Canyon, Hickey, and Butch)

Great fun in Kimberley.  Wish we could get here more often.  We head back to Calgary tomorrow to visit with friends.  Olivia got a head start on the friend visits since Jaydene was able to come to Kimberley with us for a couple of days.  A welcome addition to our vacation fun!

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Sarah said...

Yeah for geocaching!