Monday, June 11, 2012

Marcy's Special Day

Marcy finally got to have her First Communion this year.  In Calgary she went to Catholic school but she was in K and 1st grade there.  Then we got to Kazakhstan and found out she had to go through a 2 year preparation class at the church.  So, after spending many Sat afternoons at CCD with the Sisters of Charity nuns at Holy Trinity Church in Almaty (and being the only student), the big day finally arrived.

She had a very special dress that Wowa made for her and a veil made of lace that she picked out from a shop in Malta during our cruise last summer:

They had a special seat in the church decorated just for her:
She had a special place in the procession in and got to hold a special candle during mass:
 A special moment with Emily as altar server (very traditional church where we kneel and receive communion by mouth still):

She had a special priest, Fr. Guido (not Sarducci!) and nun, Sr. Therese, who helped prepare her for the day:
She had some special guests including the Kuuskraa family and her friend Veronica, plus the whole English mass church community who were so appreciative of being part of her day:
A special tiramisu cake at Gogol, one of our favorite restaurants in Almaty:
A special day all around!

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