Friday, June 15, 2012

Going Away Party

We had a mid-week day off of school (Emily's birthday) which seemed the perfect time for a going away party for Emily and Marcy.  (Olivia did not want to include her friends in this and had a massive sleepover the Fri before we left instead.)  Emily and Marcy each had five girls over for the afternoon.  I didn't want twelve girls running around the house so I planned outdoor activities and prayed for good weather.  It was a beautiful day.  They ate pizza, had a neighborhood photo scavenger hunt, played with water balloons and ran through sprinklers and made ice cream in a bag.  It was a 2 hour party which I thought was plenty of time but no one was ready to leave - a successful party!

Marcy and friends on scavenger hunt
"Take a photo with a student from AIS"
with Alex from 5th grade
 "Spell a word with your bodies"
 "Everyone in a small space"
 "Take a photo with someone in uniform"
with one of the village maintenance men
luckily Weronika on the far right speaks Russian!

Emily and friends on the scavenger hunt
"Take a photo with everyone off the ground"
 "Take a photo with someone who works at AIS"
Mr Walker, middle school English teacher
 "Take a photo with someone talking on the phone"
random neighbor
luckily Aleena 2nd from right speaks Russian
 "something purple"
I think that flower is purple and that is the clue for this photo!
We had the perfect neighborhood for the scavenger hunt - small, gated, friendly, busy!  I would definitely do this for a party activity again but I'm not sure it would work so well in Dallas.  Certainly Zhaily Village was a bright spot in our stay in Kazakhstan.

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