Tuesday, June 19, 2012

If you build it, they will come!

Trader Joe's has finally made it to the Dallas metroplex with a store opening this past Fri in Ft Worth.  On Sun, Madeline and I stopped there before I dropped her off for Frog Camp at TCU.  It was crazy busy with police directing traffic, cars forced to circle the block in order to enter the parking lot, and people waiting outside for a cart.  We lucked out with a not too far away parking spot and a cart available as we walked up.  We mostly went for gummy candies for Madeline and for dark chocolate caramels for everyone else in the family - and they were out of both!  But, I got stuff for Father's Day dinner, other tasty chocolate items, and whatever I could reach out and grab between all the people.

We are all excited about Trader Joe's opening soon in Dallas proper and Steven and Barbara have got to be excited about the company's success and expansion.  But, what will Barbara bring/send for fun treats when we can get it for ourselves???  For now, Ft Worth is a bit of a drive but Madeline has offered to make pit stops every time she's heading home this fall!

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