Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chicken reunion

The Notre Dame Lewis Hall Chickens had reunion #4 and finished a full circuit of everyone's "home territory."  We've been to Charleston, SC, Dallas, Chicago and now the NJ mountains.  It was a great, relaxing weekend and so good to catch up.  It's the first one that all seven of us have made it to since Charleston, maybe? (Hey - where did Kathy go in this photo? Getting a refill? I'll have to update this post later with another photo!)

And could we have planned it any better?  It was Beer Fest weekend at Crystal Springs resort.  We tried all kinds of beers and while there was no shot gunning or funnels, we drank our fair share for a bunch of old ladies!  And we got this great souvenier glass.  Sue Lippa will regret leaving hers behind, I'm sure of it.

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