Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Birthday - June Edition

1. Happy Birthday, Frank!  (no photos available)

2. Happy Birthday, Olivia! (the early edition)

We celebrated Olivia's birthday tonight because tomorrow we would be too busy.  Olivia requested stromboli - a favorite of hers introduced by the Schwarz family via Shannon Holub.  At first I forgot it was her birthday dinner and refused her request, then I remembered and am happy that she requested it.  It was really tasty!

 Wowa made her a Texas Sheet Cake.  Everytime I have made that cake I have screwed it up somehow so it was good that I didn't attempt it.  And it was really tasty, too!  Perfectly iced, perfectly baked and mmmmmm good.  We searched high and low for candles in the house.  None to be found.  I'm sure I must have some somewhere in my new kitchen but have forgotten where.  Wowa came up with a great substitute that Olivia had to stand up to blow out!

Best parts of tomorrow's real birthday? Presents and leftovers!!

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