Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Birthday - May Edition

Emily's birthday was on May 9.  We were lucky enough to have a school holiday that day but we also scheduled a going- away party for the day off.  So, while we had a party, it wasn't a birthday party.  (More on that party in another post.)  But, we did celebrate with the family later in the evening.  It was a busy day!

I made a good old Betty Crocker cake and Emily and Marcy iced it.  Somewhere in that mess of decorating it says "Happy Birthday Emily".  They were very proud of how "interesting" the icing was.  There was hardly room for 12 candles.

We surprised Emily with an iPod Touch.  She's been wanting one but figured there was no way we would buy one in Kazakhstan.  She was right about that but we planned ahead and Frank picked one up when he was in Dallas in March.

Happy Belated Birthday Blog, Emily!!!

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