Saturday, April 9, 2011

A trip to the zoo

Just like Santa photos, our zoo days have dwindled as the girls get older.  It used to be we visited zoos where ever we were, when ever we could.  Now, only if there is nothing more pressing to see, it's really convenient, and it's supposed to be a particularly good one.  While we were in Dallas for spring break and I was busy with kitchen reno preparations and all the cousins were in school, Frank took Olivia, Emily and Marcy to the Dallas Zoo.  It was the first visit since the Zoo renovated the Wilds of Africa area.  Apparently it's quite nice now and because it was only about $5 more than the price of regular admission, we now have a zoo membership again - just like old times.

Camel Ride

Inside the bird exhibit where they fed them and let them land all over them

The much improved giraffe area where they also got to feed them
It used to be a concrete pen with chain link fencing

I'm not sure we'll want to visit over the summer in the midst of Texas heat but maybe next Christmas time.  I'll have to go see if for myself and maybe we'll pick up some stuff for trading at the nature center in the meantime.

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