Sunday, April 10, 2011


On Friday the first of the "de" construction began as the workmen came, got the dumpster in place, sealed off areas of the house, and ripped out the old deck and lattice covering.  I'm hoping we will have some in progress photos as we go along  but we at least have some "befores" to compare.  We are gutting a bathroom, complete redo on the kitchen, adding a powder bath, completely overhauling the back deck.

The kitchen

Marcy and Madeline's bathroom

 The sunroom

The deck (all gone already!)

  I'll be back in Dallas in May to check on the progress so I'll definitely have "in-progress" photos to post then.  I had to do alot of prep work while I was in Dallas - making selections of cabinets and tile, etc., emptying the kitchen and bathroom, etc.  I let everyone leave their mark on the old kitchen by writing on cabinets and tearing off wall paper. 

My personal mark over the stove!

All the kids (but mostly Olivia being obnoxious!)

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