Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Back to Christmas, just because I missed a bunch of good photos.  Minimal commentary.

Ice staking fun - Christmas Day we skipped skiing and almost everyone skated and/or hung out at the lodge.  Mary was happy to find a winter sport that she could enjoy and that didn't scare her!

More skiing fun - Dad/Pop Pop was eager to ski and be successful.  We had him out of the slopes after 1/2 a day and on the second day had him all over the hill.  Only calamity was when he lost a ski, the break malfunctioned, and it flew all the way down the mountain with me chasing it at breakneck speeds until it flew off the edge and into some trees.  A skier below retrieved it but Dad had to walk down in his boots.  Almost as funny as the Mimi pile up under the ski lift the year before.

New Year's Eve/Day fun - We spent the day/evening celebrating with the Agnews and Lairds.  They MADE us stay up until midnight which we never do.  We played games, watched sports and had some beverages.  Lots of fun and we weren't even too tired!

I think I have finally fully covered Christmas now!  Took long enough!  Once again I hope they leave me free access to Blogger for awhile so I can manage more than 4 posts a month.

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