Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring break in the airport

We made the long trip back to North America for Spring Break so we could spend some time with Madeline and get the house ready for our big renovation.  The trip did not get off to a great start as we had about 12 hours of heavy snow before our departure time and our flight was cancelled.  We managed to get booked on another flight in the morning but since our original flight time was about 2:30am and we arrived at the airport at 1am (and I had not gone to sleep before we left), we spent about 9 hours in the airport before we finally took off (and about 3 hours of that standing in lines.)  Here are our spring break photos before we even left Almaty:

Olivia was fully prepared with ear plugs and eye mask and slept on a bench for most of the delay

Waiting in line - this was after a good hour and half with only 2 agents for a whole plane load

Marcy, Emily and I finally crashed after we had new tickets on KLM and were in the departure lounge

Olivia took this picture of me after pulling my purse out from under me and taking out the camera and I didn't even budge.  Thank goodness later she woke me to ask how we knew when we were boarding.  Almaty has just one large departure lounge and you have to watch the screens for your flight to be called.  When she asked me I looked up and our flight was boarding.  It's a good thing she had spent all the rest of our wait sleeping or we would have missed our flight.

With all the flying we do this really hasn't happened to us too often.  We really have been lucky.  And all the other passengers were impressed with how patient the girls were.  They were certainly better behaved than some of the irate adults!

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