Thursday, April 21, 2011

One year of blogging

I realized the other day that I have been blogging for one year as of April 3rd.  I decided to look back at what we've been up to in the last year.  Turns out we've been REALLY busy.  Here's what I found:

Places we've been - Calgary, Dallas, Lake Louise, Kimberley, London, Washington DC, Almaty, Rome, Moscow, and Astana (and Mexico - although it did not make the blog until after the anniversary.)

Holidays we've celebrated - Easter, Chinese New Year, July 4th, Thanksgiving (once in Sept!), Halloween (once in Rome!) and Christmas (and many birthdays, as well)

Sporting Events we've attended (only the ones I've blogged about) - Mavs, Rangers, Nationals, Cowboys, FC Dallas, FC Fulham, Kazakh Rugby, Asian Games

Things we've done (only the ones I've blogged about) - Soccer (12 posts), School events (14 posts), Hiking/Outdoors (4 posts), Girl Guides/Girl Scouts (5 posts), Cheerleading (5 posts), Winter sports (11 posts), Dance (4 posts), discovered our way around Almaty (6 posts)

And just to be sure that I've been giving equal blog time to each of my daughters I counted how many posts were dedicated to each one individually - Madeline (13 posts), Olivia (9 posts), Emily (12 posts), Marcy (12 posts).  Looks like poor Olivia needs a little more attention in 2011.

And random posts not in the categories above - wedding gowns, hula-hooping, turkey smuggling!

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Sarah said...

I've enjoyed a year of reading your blog.