Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jail time!

Chinook spends his days in Snuggles travel crate.  He definitely can't be trusted to roam the house.  Even if he were left in the kitchen he might decide to chew a cabinet out of boredom.  We can't even let him stay outside now that the weather is nicer.  He often chew rose bushes, brooms, trash cans, etc.  Long story short, his crate needed to be cleaned.  It was covered with winter time coal soot (just like the walls of our house - yuck!).  Olivia agreed to clean it for a fee.  She had to climb inside to get his towels out.  Usually I have to cajole Chinook to get inside but with Olivia inside he jumped right in.  I couldn't resist locking them in and going to get the camera.

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