Saturday, April 23, 2011


I'm not big on dying Easter eggs.  It's alot of messy work and no one in the family but me likes hard boiled eggs.  Plus, mine always crack.  The last few years I have avoided it by sending the girls to Sarah's house for the experience (see last year's Easter post - it's great I have last year to refer back to!)  No way to avoid it this year.  And suprisingly we found some cool stuff here - plastic shrink wrap sleeves with Russian scenes and metallic rub for a finishing touch to colored eggs.  Luckily I had food dye from the US. 

Girls and Marcy's neighborhood friend Kyla
(nice Canadian family - we just love to find Canadian friends)

The finished product

One of the other Chevron ladies was telling me about these egg stands so she picked me up one when she went to the local bazaar.  Very cool (until it tipped over and lots of eggs cracked.)

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